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Molly Blog

Sr. Molly Mathew, RNDM with an applicant in the Dugtong Trabaho Program of Mt. Carmel Church, Quezon City

I am doing my ministry in Mt Carmel church twice a week. The ministry is called “dugtong trabaho” (bridge the employee and the employer).  Many  people come  to look for a job which they can do and earn some money. In the same way many people come to hire some people to work in their houses. So “dugtong trabaho”  is a meeting place for them.

What is amazing for me in this place is that the people  who come to look for jobs are ready to do any kind of work and I see many of them are quite old, too.  But still they want to work.  Once the work is fixed between the employee and the employer, we give some values education.  I am happy in this ministry and I do practice my Tagalog with the people.

Mercy Blog

Sr. Mercy Paje, RNDM with Sr. Helen Reynolds celebrating her 90th birthday

My ministry here in Ireland in the RNDM Dublin community is my studies and assisting our sisters, as needed. The majority of the sisters are elderly and they appreciate being helped in various ways. I have been fortunate since coming to Dublin to be able to share with the sisters their experience of missionary life. I marvel at their courage in going on  international missions with little hope of returning to visit their families. Some of them spent up to 30 years without ever returning to their home land. In fact eight sisters from this community spent lengthy period of time in Kenya, while one sister was in India for over 20 years. There are 23 sisters in the community.

May the Holy Trinity bless you all and Euphrasie be with you always.

Petite Blog

Sr. Petite Lao, RNDM with a tribal elder, learning how to play a musical instrument called “Lutang.”

Taken in 2006, this photo is very memorable for me… the way that I was held by Bebe as she tried to teach me to play a musical instrument. This is an iconic photo that constantly reminds me how it is to be with the indigenous peoples.   To strive to empty my cup so I can receive…so that I can learn from their wisdom. To pray that I may have the grace to see what they see.  It is very challenging and rewarding to live among the indigenous peoples.

Petite Blog2

Phanxica Blog

Sr. Phanxica, RNDM is an experienced formator. In this photo, she is with the young RNDM sisters preparing for their perpetual vows.

It was a privilege for me to be part of a spiritual direction group along with other spiritual directors to the young fomators who came from different countries last year in the Institute of Formation and Religious Studies, Quezon City and also of accompanying and guiding the RNDM sisters who are preparing for their perpetual vows during their 30 days retreat in Davao.

I truly treasure and value these opportunities because not only I guided them for their spiritual growth but also I learned a lot for my own growth through their insights, sharings and experiences.

Scho Blog 4

Sr. Schola Mutua, RNDM works in Pikit, North Cotabato, a municipality devastated by war.

One of the components of OMF-IRD is the inter-religious dialogue; respecting other religions and calling them to dialogue. In its endeavour to provide such venues, the IRD advocates for the four forms of dialogue; dialogue life, dialogue of action, dialogue of religiuos discourse and dialogue of religiuos experiences. This particular community is composed of Muslims and Christians.Scho Blog 3

Solidarity activities like Duyog Ramadhan is one of those dialogue of life activities. Mostly during the breaking of Fast or Buka, we hold such an activity. Because of the harmonious relationship which has existed already in the community, the level of trust has improved thus both groups are willing and open to welcome each other.The Christians  within the community prepare the food and the whole community joins in the breaking of the Fast or Buka. While waiting for the activity to begin, I had a chat with these women and children.

In order to engage people in dialogue especially where people have been living in conflict affected areas, the pre-requisite is to provide some form of livelihood. This realization became very clear when the OMF-IRD began peace advocacy work. One cannot talk to people about peace with empty stomachs.  For donors who wish to help and are committed to fund the organization, livelihood and inter-religious dialogue had to go hand in hand.

Scho Blog 2

In these photos, we distributed spades and vegetable seeds for more than three hundred families. Although very basic, this has contributed some income to the families. Since not everyone received, the spirit of sharing is very much alive in the lives of the people.  They shared the vegetables and later, they shared the seeds. Before the distribution, all those who received spades and vegetable seeds had undergone some training and this proved to be very helpful to them.

Scho Blog 1

Shiuly Blog

Sr. Shiuly Gomes, RNDM with a Dulangan Menubo Child

I like these two pictures in my missionary journey.  They show my deep experience of friendship with the people of this land.  I discovered my deep sense of motherhood while embracing and comforting this little boy while he was suffering with pain. I have seen the face of God through this child.

Shiuly Blog 2

Teresa Blog

Sr. Teresa Le, RNDM was missioned in Kulaman, Mindanao for five years as coordinator of the Indigenous Peoples’ Health Program

I was with the Dormitory girls on the way to Laguton, Kulaman, Philippines. They were helping me to cross the bridge which was full of mud and water. This gentle experience reminds me that I can’t stand alone without the help of others. I learned that I need to build a bridge between me and the people whom I meet and yet to meet with Love and Compassion and spontaneous response which continually requires of me many painful letting-go’s to open me to new ways of thinking and living. It is a constant seeking to respond more effectively as RNDM Earth Community with the message of LOVE and CARE.

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