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Sr. Petite Lao, RNDM with a tribal elder, learning how to play a musical instrument called “Lutang.”

Taken in 2006, this photo is very memorable for me… the way that I was held by Bebe as she tried to teach me to play a musical instrument. This is an iconic photo that constantly reminds me how it is to be with the indigenous peoples.   To strive to empty my cup so I can receive…so that I can learn from their wisdom. To pray that I may have the grace to see what they see.  It is very challenging and rewarding to live among the indigenous peoples.

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Comments on: "Learning from the Wisdom of the Indigenous Peoples" (1)

  1. This is so heartening! I have just discovered it. Blessings of goodness to each one of my RNDM sisters as you draw inspiration from the people with whom you live and work.


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