I Wanna Be a Teacher

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Sr. Weeyaa Villanueva, RNDM helping the Menubo girls of Delesan Kailawan with their homework

Up in the hills of Kulaman, Mindanao…a dream came true.  I’ve always wanted to be a teacher!



Comments on: "I Wanna Be a Teacher" (3)

  1. Patricia Boyd said:

    Dear Sisters,
    CONGRATULATIONS to you all on this initiative. I’ve just read through this blog and feel very inspired by all that I have read. Congratulations especially to my namesake for getting this blog online. As it is early on February 2 here in Charenton, France, this blog makes me very proud to belong to our RNDM family as we celebrate the great gift of our consecrated life today. Be assured of my prayers for you today and my encouragement to keep up this new ministry. In love, peace and prayer,
    Patricia Boyd RNDM


  2. Frank Andersen msc said:

    Dear Sisters of RNDM,
    You will never know how deeply my heart was touched by your pictures and words. So many of you doing such great things, yet doing so in ways that can seem so small, so everyday, so uncomplicated. Each of your lives a declaration of the immense Love of God – the hunger of every human heart, surely – which you missionaries have wrapped in such basic, human affection. My prayers are with you. The work of God is in good hands.


  3. Ritha Marak said:

    Well done dear sisters! You are doing a great mission of God. May He continue to bless your good works to care for the poor.


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