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Sr. Molly Mathew, RNDM with an applicant in the Dugtong Trabaho Program of Mt. Carmel Church, Quezon City

I am doing my ministry in Mt Carmel church twice a week. The ministry is called “dugtong trabaho” (bridge the employee and the employer).  Many  people come  to look for a job which they can do and earn some money. In the same way many people come to hire some people to work in their houses. So “dugtong trabaho”  is a meeting place for them.

What is amazing for me in this place is that the people  who come to look for jobs are ready to do any kind of work and I see many of them are quite old, too.  But still they want to work.  Once the work is fixed between the employee and the employer, we give some values education.  I am happy in this ministry and I do practice my Tagalog with the people.


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